continue to do quality work and service ..

Dyron H. | Plano, TX
September 20, 2017

Absolutely excellent service.

Andrew L. | Plano, TX
September 12, 2017

Jose the painter was extremely good.He went above and beyond what I required.He painted something that wasn't supposed to be painted, realized and then repainted it , no excuses. It was a great experience.

Kevin W. | Plano, TX
September 7, 2017

Beautiful job. Very pleased

Elise A. | Plano, TX
September 5, 2017

Jerry took photos and provided a detailed proposal for the job. Javier set the date for the work to begin and followed up with a phone call once the job was complete. Andres did an exceptional paint job and was very pleasant to work with. Very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy and quality of work.

Judy H. | Plano, TX
September 5, 2017

Everything went well.

Justin C. | Plano, TX
August 31, 2017

Was extremely pleased with all that was done. Greg was excellent and very detail oriented

Marilyn T. | Plano, TX
August 25, 2017

Andres did a nice job and was very professional. Javier was very nice and accommodating to work with.

Kerry S. | Plano, TX
August 21, 2017

That high callback number due to Jerry Baker's original estimate which included an incredibly thorough examination of the house and what prep it needed before painting.

Rose B. | Plano, TX
August 21, 2017

Came back out last night, to look at a few areas requiring touch ups, where they had to cut in. Patchwork was wonderful. Great workmanship, cleanliness and politeness. They were top notch.

David or Stephanie H. | Lewisville, TX
August 9, 2017